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Who is Matchbox 20?

MatchBox Twenty

Matchbox 20

~~~Suggested By Melsa Mert
The Band:
Rob Thomas (vocals)Adam Gaynor(rhythm guitar, vocals)
Kyle Cook(lead guitar)Paul Doucette(Drummer) Brian Yale(Bass)

The Music:
Matchbox20 was made the best new band in `97 and they have
so much more to go. They started out, not as Matchbox 20, but a Tabitha`s Secret, with Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, and Brian Yale, along with Jay Stanley, and John Goff, who were not in Matchbox 20. They quit the band and created Matchbox 20 (FACT ALERT! ~Tabitha`s Secret filed a lawsuit against Matchbox 20~) Matchbox 20 had hit singles such as "Push" &"3 AM" and Rob Thomas made the incredible hit single with Santana "Smooth." I recommend both their albums if you like energetic, yet soft rock.

Matchbox 20 is a band that we will hear from a lot more in the upcoming years. They will not soon be forgotten.

**Yourself Or Someone Like You `96
**Mad Season By Matchbox Twenty `00

Where can you find the portrait of Sophie B. Hawkins?

The Sophie B Hawkins Underground

The Sundance Channel has acquired Gigi Gaston's indie rocumentary portrait of Sophie B. Hawkins "The Cream Will Rise". The project marks the first sale by Innovative Artists' month-old independent Film Division. No premiere date has been set on "Cream" although the Sundance Channel holds a two-year window of exclusivity on the feature documentary. "Cream" was produced by Colleen Camp and Bryan Bantry.

Learn more at Sophie's own community-based website: Sophie B Hawkins Underground

Who is Creed?


Name Meaning

Creed: 1. authoritive statement of the chief articles of Chirstian belief 2. an accepted system of religious or other belief.

The Band

Creed was born in Tallahasee, Florida in 1995. Creed is made up of great guitar riffs (Mark Tremonti), excellent drum sounds (Scott Phillips), some nice bass lines (Brian Marshall) and the unforgettable voice of Scott Stapp. Altogether this forms the great new band of Creed. Creed was the first band in history to have four Number One Rock Radio singles from a debut album. That is a great accomplishment and they are expected to do even greater things in the near future.

My Own Prison (1997)
Human Clay (1999)

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Who is Nirvana?


Name meaning:
a state of freedom from pain and worry

The Band:
Kurt Cobain (guitar/vocals) Krist Noveselic (bass guitar) Dave Grohl (Drums/background vocals)

The Music:
Nirvana is known to be the band that launched out the" grunge" sound ( a mix of punk/metal)to the mainstream in 1990.
They first began in Aberdeen, Washington, doing local gigs and shows. Nirvana was first signed on with the independent label SubPop and then moved on to Geffen Records Nirvana went through a lot names before they found the perfect band name, (Ted Ed Fred, Pen Cap Chew, Bliss) and they also had to suffer going through even more drummers than they did names. (Chad Channing, Aaron Buckhard, Dave Foster, Dale Crover, Dave Grohl). However, they finally found the perfect drummer for their sound and launched out something that mainstream had never heard before. This opened the door for many other similar bands come in to the mainstream, such as Alice in Chains, & Pearl Jam , just to name a couple. Nirvana was such a musical phenomenon, and they are considered, by many, the greatest band of the nineties.
Their success was tragically cut short when in April of 1994 Kurt Cobain commit suicide.
This music genius will always be a legend, and the music of Nirvana will long be remembered after "Spice Up Your Life" is long forgotten.


Bleach (1981)
Nevermind (1991)
Incesticide (1992)
In Utero(1993)
Nirvana: Unplugged in New York (1994)
From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah (1996)

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Who Is Eddie Van Halen?

Eddie Van Halen ~ The Man, Not the Band

Eddie Van Halen~
~~~Suggested by Eric(

The Man:
Eddie Van Halen
Name: Edward Lodewijk Van Halen
Birthdate: January 26, 1955
Birthplace: Nijmegen, NL

Band Mates:
Alex Van Halen,Michael Anthony
and sometimes David Lee Roth
Sammy Hagar & Gary Cherone

The Music:
Some say that David Lee Roth was center stage, but MANY argue that the spotlight belonged to Eddie Van Halen. With his charming looks and out-of-this world guitar licks, who cared if he didn't lick the microphone and had golden locks. Eddie was one fellow that was hard to ignore.
Little brother to Alex Van Halen, Eddie and their friend Michael Anthony began as The Broken Combs. They soon persuade Mr. Roth to join and they also soon change their name to Mammoth, then after considering the name Rat Salade, David Lee Roth suggested a simple: Van Halen. They all agreed. They first got their big break when Gene Simmons from KISS saw them in one of their club performances. He was astounded by the talent and their energy. Van Halen entered the studio and recorded their self-titled debut in 1978, and the rest as they say... is history.

** Van Halen `78 **Van Halen II `79
** Women And Children First `80 ** Fair Warning `81
** Diver Down `82 ** 1984 `84 ** 5150 `86 ** OU812 `88
** For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge `91
** Right Here Right Now `93 ** Balance `95
** BEST OF Van Halen VOLUME 1 `96 ** Van Halen 3 `98

Who were the Doors?

The Doors

Name meaning:
Door- a movable structure for opening or closing and entrance, as to a building or room, or giving access to a closet, cupboard, etc: most doors turn on hinges, slide in grooves or revolve on an axis 2. the room or building to which a particular door belongs 3. any opening with a door in it, doorway
4. any way to go in or out, Passage, access

The Band:
The Doors has got to be one of the most influential and controversial bands, not only of its time, but ever. They were formed in Los Angeles by a few college kids at UCLA (Ray Manzerek- keyboard, Jim Morrison-vocals, John Densmore-drums, and guitarist Robby Krieger) The Doors were captivating with their great and dominating keyboard sounds, and the unforgettably eerie and mystical voice of Jim Morrison. The group was signed under Elektra Records. The center stage shone its light on Jim Morrison; his captivating voice and out of this earth performance captured audiences world-wide.

The Doors are a rock phenomenon, legends 'till the end. They rapidly reached fame, but it all went down the drain just as fast when Jim Morrison died of an overdose in 1971. The three surviving Doors tried to carry on without him, but ultimately disbanded.


Strange Says (1967)
Waiting for the Sun (1968)
Soft Parade (1969)
Morrison Hotel (1970)
Absolutely Live (1970)
L.A. Woman (1971)
American Prayer (1978)
The Doors (1982)
Best of the Doors (1985)
In Concert (1991)
Greatest Hits (1996)

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Where can I find information about country singer Sara Evans?

Country Singer Sara Evans

Check out the sites below for all the info you could ever want on Sara Evans.
Sara Evans' unofficial page. Evans
Twang this- Sara Evans
Sonict Net-Sarah Evans Sara Evans - Sara Evans Sara Evans

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