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Who is Nirvana?


Name meaning:
a state of freedom from pain and worry

The Band:
Kurt Cobain (guitar/vocals) Krist Noveselic (bass guitar) Dave Grohl (Drums/background vocals)

The Music:
Nirvana is known to be the band that launched out the" grunge" sound ( a mix of punk/metal)to the mainstream in 1990.
They first began in Aberdeen, Washington, doing local gigs and shows. Nirvana was first signed on with the independent label SubPop and then moved on to Geffen Records Nirvana went through a lot names before they found the perfect band name, (Ted Ed Fred, Pen Cap Chew, Bliss) and they also had to suffer going through even more drummers than they did names. (Chad Channing, Aaron Buckhard, Dave Foster, Dale Crover, Dave Grohl). However, they finally found the perfect drummer for their sound and launched out something that mainstream had never heard before. This opened the door for many other similar bands come in to the mainstream, such as Alice in Chains, & Pearl Jam , just to name a couple. Nirvana was such a musical phenomenon, and they are considered, by many, the greatest band of the nineties.
Their success was tragically cut short when in April of 1994 Kurt Cobain commit suicide.
This music genius will always be a legend, and the music of Nirvana will long be remembered after "Spice Up Your Life" is long forgotten.


Bleach (1981)
Nevermind (1991)
Incesticide (1992)
In Utero(1993)
Nirvana: Unplugged in New York (1994)
From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah (1996)

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