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Can I double the third in a major triad?

Major and Minor Triads

In major and minor triads it is best to double the root of the triad. In these triads the fifth may be doubled or omitted. Avoid doubling the third of a major triad ... but the third may be sometimes be doubled in a minor triad. In a diminished triad double the third. In an augmented triad double the root or third.

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What are open and close structure in triads?

Writing Triads

1. In writing triads for four voices, there should be no more than an octave between Soprano and Alto or Alto and Tenor.

Close structure of a triad refers to the arrangement of Soprano, Alto, and Tenor so that there is no more than an octave between Soprano and Tenor. Open structure means the arrangement of these three upper voices have more than an octave between Soprano and Tenor.

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