MatchBox Twenty

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Who is Matchbox 20?

MatchBox Twenty

Matchbox 20

~~~Suggested By Melsa Mert
The Band:
Rob Thomas (vocals)Adam Gaynor(rhythm guitar, vocals)
Kyle Cook(lead guitar)Paul Doucette(Drummer) Brian Yale(Bass)

The Music:
Matchbox20 was made the best new band in `97 and they have
so much more to go. They started out, not as Matchbox 20, but a Tabitha`s Secret, with Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, and Brian Yale, along with Jay Stanley, and John Goff, who were not in Matchbox 20. They quit the band and created Matchbox 20 (FACT ALERT! ~Tabitha`s Secret filed a lawsuit against Matchbox 20~) Matchbox 20 had hit singles such as "Push" &"3 AM" and Rob Thomas made the incredible hit single with Santana "Smooth." I recommend both their albums if you like energetic, yet soft rock.

Matchbox 20 is a band that we will hear from a lot more in the upcoming years. They will not soon be forgotten.

**Yourself Or Someone Like You `96
**Mad Season By Matchbox Twenty `00



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