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CAGED Major Chords

CAGED major chords contain a root note, a major third above the root and a perfect fifth above the root.

The CAGED system are often manipulated to create countless other chords. Being that the CAGED chords are the basis of most chord progressions, many musicians dubbed the CAGED chords as 'reference chords'. To get a full detailed tutorial of the CAGED system, as well as guitar chords in general, check out the numerous Guirar Chord Tips through, as well as The 101 Music Tip Book.


Guitar Warm Up Exercises

It is good practice to slowly get into the guitar playing through small, technical guitar warm ups. Work on picking and strumming scales. This little precaution will allow for more accurate sounding chords, and an overall better practice or guitar jam. Even more, your hands will thank you! Get detailed warm ups and exercises through the 101 Music Tips

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