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What´s the difference between a cd burner and a cd recorder?

CD Burner and CD Recorder

The difference between a CD Burner and CD Recorder is that CD Recorder is self-contained, able to record in real time through its audio and digital inputs.

A CD burner must be used in conjunction with a computer running CD burning software, and it's unable to record in real time.

A CD recorder can also burn a CD from a computer if they both have a SCSI port. CD recorders are usually priced higher than burners, because they include a burner, a computer, and software in a single unit. Both use the same process of laser burning the CD, and there is no difference in sound quality.

What software do I need to burn my MP3s to a CD?

Burning MP3s to CDs

For PC users: If you want to burn MP3 files to a CD without converting them to WAV files, use Easy CD Creator 4.0 Deluxe.

For Mac users: Toast handles MP3s like a charm.

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