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Managing People During a Music Video

Give out specific tasks. Your shoot will be much easier and pleasant if each person is concentrating on one specific tasks. If you have dedicated friends and fans this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.


35mm for Music Videos

Invest in a 35mm adapter and a selection of lenses. These tools alone (if used properly) will put your video in the professional league.


Music Video Location

Choose your locations carefully. The more interesting the locations, the more likely you are to achieve superior results. Bare walls make it difficult to frame interesting shots. White walls, on the other hand make it difficult to light selectively since they reflect all the light in room.


Music Video Sound System

Get a good sound system for playback. Having a proper sound system (if permitted by location) will boost everyone’s energy levels and make your video that much more fun to watch!

Why should you play music?


Play music because you love it, and because it's in you, not just because you want to be heard or to be seen.


Food and drink

Food and drink. Make sure the band and crew are catered for. They will love you more (read: work harder) especially if they are not getting paid much or working for free.

What are your reasons for being in the music business?

What's your reason?

If you play music because you want to become really famous and make lots and lots of money, and you don't care who you have to step on to get there .... Forget it, it won't happen. Music is more about passion, and less about ambition.


You have fans

Always expect to have at least one true fan. (most people have more)

What can I do to help me write songs better?

Note book

Keep a notebook in which you can write down songs and thoughts .... it will come to some good use. A small one that fits in purse or pocket can help you save those "great ideas" that occur spontaneously.

How can I learn to write a song?

Start With a Good Tune

Start with a good tune in your head, then try and transpose it so you can get the notes. Next, decide where you want to change chords, pick that note, and use that note for the chord; play around with the chord to get it just right.

Will you receive criticism?

Expect Criticism

When starting a new band, don't focus so much on people liking you. Do what you like! Always expect to have crictics. The best of them always do.

Why should you know what you are talking about?

Music talk.

It's always fun to talk about music, to say what you know, and learn what you don't know. But, I would like to add, from my personal experience, that if you act like you know what your talking about, and you don't ... you might end up looking like a fool.

What are some of the common stereotypes of musicians?

Don't Stereotype.

Drummers are always the dumb ones, guitarists are always the bossy ones, and vocalists/singers are the conceited attention hogs.

Not True. Don't stereotype anyone under any circumstances.

How can I find inspiration in writing songs?

Don't Fight the Muse

Don`t fight the muse! No matter what you think of the song's inspiration, just focus on capturing it as it happens. Later you can go back and refine the song to your liking.


Music Video Equipment

Get the best equipment possible. Try getting HDV cameras. Their operation is very much like regular miniDV cameras, as they don’t cost much more to rent/hire and give a superb picture quality.

Have you shown your musical skills to someone who is important to you?

Show Your Passion

Always seize the opportunity to show others your passion ... but don't let that be the only reason why you do what you do.

Why should I explore more than one genre of music?

New Horizons

Never limit your self to one genre. Explore and open your horizons to different types of music. Then you will be a valid critic.

What shouldn´t you turn into?


One word of advice: Don't use the word sell-out too much when it comes to judging other musicians. Instead, put yourself in their shoes, and try to be empathetic. You may be in the same position someday ... what will you do?

If I am a performer, can I still be a fan?

Be a fan.

Don't just be a performer; always remain a fan.

Why should you learn to play an instrument?

Learn, learn, learn

You can never have too much practice. Practice is the key to essential playing. Make time for it, and you will see results.

Should I emulate the lifestyle of my favorite artist?

Your favorite artist.

It is wise and very valuable to follow the passion of your favorite artist. Following the lifestyle is not always as wise.

What are some good ideas for a band website?

Build a Band Website

Web page building is something that takes time and a lot of effort. When making a webpage, be creative, and fun, you could do all sorts of neat things with your page. Here are some ideas:

The Internet is full of shrines to artists, so it will take major creativity to make yours unique:

You can start by making a background from a collage of pictures instead of the same old solid color background, (this is a very nice touch) it will look great on your page, (black and white, or in color, it's up to you, both are great.)

It would also be fun to add a midi or other music file with a song from the band/artist. (I warn you though; sometimes music loops may get annoying)

Polls are always fun too... you can easily add these to your page by going to

Of course adding facts and pictures is a must!
(Remember, don't get any images or facts from someone's else's page unless you have permission from them)

These are only a few things that can be added to your site. Brainstorm, and I'm sure you'll come up with some great material!

What does music mean to you?

Defining music

Your definition of music will not always be someone else's definition of music. Keep an open mind.

Where should you go to promote yourself?

Want to promote yourself?

Visit Schroeder Music to get yourself on a list and play a bunch of shows on the singer/songwriter scene in Boston.

What´s the best way to gossip?

Gossip= good songs.

Are you a big gossiper? The best way to gossip subtly is through music. Write a song, use metaphors, be creative. You might GAIN more friends rather than lose them.

Should I add my own music to my website?

Your Band Page

When building a page about your musical abilities, or your band, it is always a good idea to add MP3's of yourself, or add a little loop of your music.
That way others can HEAR what you're all about, and not just read about it.

what should we name our band?

What should our name be?

It is VERY common for a new band to go through dozens of names. So don't stress too hard when thinking of a name for your band. Although the name is important, it is not the only factor to your band. Have fun with the names until you find something you really want to stick with. Be sure to remember that a name is NOT a reason to fight with other band members!

I've learned this through personal experience.

How should you perform a cover song?

Cover songs.

People often go around critizing new bands that play only cover songs at the moment,if that's you, don't worry about it. Have fun, try some new stuff, mess around with the songs, why only listen to great songs when half of the fun is playing them!.

What should you learn how to do?

Learn this

Learn how to tune your guitar, or any other instrument, by ear. It's a very useful thing to know, and will help you to tell when your instrument is going out of tune.

Should you create the music or the lyrics first?

Music, then lyrics

When you are going to write a song, try creating the music for it first, then create the lyrics.

Should you use music to promote hatred?

Hate is not acceptable

Never, ever, use music to promote hate.

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