A Career in Music Therapy

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How can I make a career out of music therapy?

A Career in Music Therapy

Do you love Music? Do you love helping others?

Music Therapy can certainly become a lifetime career. Wouldn`t it be great to actually help others by taking part in something we all love so very much? Music has many uses, and for those of you seeking a career in music, this is a very positive alternate idea!

Of course I can`t offer you a complete guide that will lead you to be a music therapist. But I can offer you this short summary and a great place to get information!

Music therapists work with people of all ages from premature newborns to older adults at the end of life. They are employed in a variety of settings, including medical and psychiatric hospitals, schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, developmental centers, prisons, and wellness centers. They are also increasingly working in private practices.

In order to pursue a career in music therapy, one must have the proper education. Here are is a list of the credits one will need in order to begin thier journey.

*General Education.....22
Behavioral/Health/Natural Sciences.....27

Music Therapy.....21
Music Theory.....16
Music History..... 8
Applied Music.....15
Music Therapy Electives.....7
*Free Electives.....3
~*Total 128*~

Successful practice of music therapy requires strong interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, and verbal skills; the curriculum is equally multifaceted. I recommend looking at some schools that have courses designed for this; most universities will have a program of this type.

The best thing to do is contact your nearest college/university and ask them for a brochure regarding their music courses.



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