Don't Care Too Much!

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What do I need to be careful about while cleaning my flute?

Don't Care Too Much!

One of the worst things about flute care is that you can OVER care for it! Hard to believe? Well, check this out! I found it pretty interesting myself.

You have to be careful when you use a polishing cloth ... flute pads skins are very thin, and constant rubbing with a cloth can tear them. There is also a spring for each key, which the cloth can snag and unhook, that is a real *&^$ to replace!

Don't over oil your flute ... that can cause the pads to get "sticky," and keycorks to fall off. There is no adhesive out there that will work on an oily surface. Make sure you apply oil in the tiniest amounts, directly at the key ends. Maybe the best thing is if you leave that to the professionals ... just take it to the shop once or twice a year.



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