Sleep to the Music.

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Do you ever just listen to music?

Sleep to the Music.

Do you remember when you were a baby, your mother used to sing to you so that you could fall asleep? Okay, so I don't expect you to remember that far back, but it is a fact that soft music has an incredible effect in aiding sleep. I'm sure that at least once in your life you have had trouble sleeping, but hey, who hasn't? This tip will help you get rest in no time.

First of all you must initiate the relaxation. I don't recommend lighting aromatherapy candles (this may cause a fire, although, it is helpful for general relaxation). Spray your bed-sheets with a subtle spray or sprinkle lightly-scented powder. Then the most vital part: The music.

Not just any type of music will aid you; you most certainly don't want to put death-metal on in order to aid your sleep! Put on something subtle, something that will let your mind drift. Don't blast the sound; remember, this is only background music, the foreground is your sleep.

Here are some of my personal recommendations for 'go-to-sleep' music. I'm sure that you will find at least one of these effective. The links will let you purchase these CDs at

1.Celtic Dreams by Joemy Wilson
Celtic Dreams

2. Lore by Clannad

3. Watermark by Enya

4. Pure Moods series
Pure Moods

Pure Moods 2

Pure Moods 3

(One word of Caution! Tubular Bells is listed as a track in the first volume of Pure Moods, ... for those of you into movies, visions of Linda Blair's head spinning might not be restful!)



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