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What do you know about Fender guitars?


Fender is probably one of the most common brand names when it comes to instruments, and it even the person who knows the least about guitars can tell you what a Fender is. Fender produces amps and tuners and other products as well, but it is most famous for it's guitars, here I will tell you some of the things that the Fender company has to offer.

Fender guitars are to many too list here, I suggest you go to your local library to get books on all their custom guitars, they are really cool. But I will list as many as I can remember.

Fender Stratocaster- the most common of the Fender family. They are nice and eclectic. Price range for a standard Strat is anywhere from $300.00- 350.00, more or less.
of course there are diffrent types of Stratocasters, such as the American Strat, Fat Strat, and all the vintage guitars, these will be more costly than your standard Mexican made Stratocaster

Fender Telecaster- the Standard Telecaster also goes for $300.00-350.00. This guitar is diffrent than the Strat. It has an entirely diffrent headstock, body and coils. the same goes for the Telecaster as far as different series and makes: price range widely with those as well.

Fender also makes a line of bass guitars, acoustic guitars, amps and other merchandise.
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