Music Frequently Asked Questions

How can you sing like a child?

How can I make my voice carry better?

Should you create the music or the lyrics first?

What´s the best way to gossip?

How can I get ideas for songs?

How can I remember my "great ideas"?

What can I do to help me write songs better?

Should you use music to promote hatred?

What does grunge mean?

What is Grunge music?

Does anyone still make player pianos?

What is a newfangled player piano?

Can you convert songs from your CDs to mp3 files?

Why should I convert my CDs to MP3 files?

What software do I need to burn my MP3s to a CD?

Why doesn´t everyone like the music I like?

What does music mean to you?

What price should you sell your music equipment for?

How should I price equipment I want to sell?

How tight should guitar strings be?

Should you try to see how tight you can get your guitar strings?

Why should you learn to play an instrument?

How much should I practice?

what should we name our band?

What´s the difference between a cd burner and a cd recorder?

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What do I do when my mouthpiece gets stuck?

What is Music Therapy?

What does a Music Therapy do?

How can I achieve a distinctive sound when recording?

How can I achieve a distinctive sound when recording?

What is a chord?

What do I need to be careful about while cleaning my flute?

What is a slur?

What is Timbre?

Do you ever just listen to music?

What is a phrase?

What does the musical term "romantic" mean??

What is my motivation for being a musician?

What are your reasons for being in the music business?

What should you learn how to do?

Why should I learn to tune my instrument by ear?

If I am a performer, can I still be a fan?

How and where can I practice singing?

What are some good ideas for a band website?

How can I make my own music site?

What are some good CDs to put on at bedtime?

How can I get a good night´s sleep?

Where can I find information about country singer Sara Evans?

What are the most popular brands of guitar?

What do you know about Fender guitars?

What is alternative music?

Where can you go to find daily music news?

Have you shown your musical skills to someone who is important to you?

Should I play for my friends and family?

How do I tune my new drums?

What can I do to take care of my drums better?

What are some of the common stereotypes of musicians?

How can I find inspiration in writing songs?

How can I find inspiration in writing songs?

How can I find inspiration in writing songs?

What are open and close structure in triads?

Where can I get free airplay?

Where should you go if you are an unsigned artist?

Can I double the third in a major triad?

Where should you go to promote yourself?

Why should you play music?

Should I add my own music to my website?

How can I get gigs in the singer/songwriter scene?

How do you promote your band?

How can I make a career out of music therapy?

What is music therapy?

How can I find a new band member?

Who is Kurt Cobain?

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Who is Nirvana?

How should you perform a cover song?

What is the official Creed website?

Should I emulate the lifestyle of my favorite artist?


Will you receive criticism?

What can I do about criticism?

Why did my favorite band sell out?

What shouldn´t you turn into?

Does your guitar sound better with age?

How do I define a guitar?

What is Just Intonation?

What is distortion?

Who is Creed?

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Can I truly listen to music while I´m doing other things?

Why should I explore more than one genre of music?

Who makes good pedals and distortion gadgets?

What is Danelectro?

Who Is Eddie Van Halen?

What is acapella?

Why should you know what you are talking about?

Who were the Doors?

What happened to Jim Morrison?

Is Grunge dead?

Where can I find guitar tablatures online?

What is a humbucker?

Where can I find free music and shareware music applications?

Where can I find free music and shareware music applications?

Where is the humbucker located?

Where should you go for the best music?

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How can I learn to write a song?

How can I learn to write a song?

Who is Matchbox 20?

What can I do in order to relax?

Who is R.E.M.?

How can I use music for relaxation?

Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes

Kurt Cobain

Famous Quotes

Where can you go to find your favorite band on TV?

What site offers music equipment online?

How can I find my favorite preformers on TV?

Is music good for you?

What is "The Dark Side of Oz"?

Why should you watchThe Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd playing?

What is music?

What is an absolute pitch?

What is an absolute pitch?

What is an absolute pitch?

Where can you find the portrait of Sophie B. Hawkins?

Does Danelectro make guitars?

Who makes the baritone guitar?

What is a cacaphony?

Where can I get information about Sophie B. Hawkins?

Where can I vote for my favorite group?

Where can you vote for your favorite artist?

What is the least expensive insurance you can buy for your guitar?

Why should I have a guitar case?

Where can you go to find the latest music news?

What are some CD collection clubs?

How do I care for my woodwind instrument?

Is it safe to buy tickets online?

Should I use a pullthrough to dry my woodwind?

Why should I oil my trombone?

What is Mezzo Forte?

When should you oil your trombone?

Should you join a music club if you can´t afford it?

What does forte mean?

What is an intermezzo?

How do I palm mute?

How can I release a stuck mouthpiece?

What is rock?

What is music?

Are most compliments sincere?

Where should you go if you are a guitar player?

Where can I find guitar tablatures online?

What is country music? What are country songs about?

How is a Native American flute used?

What is a music style?

What is an amplifier?

What is recording equipment used for in the music industry?

How are style and wording important for musicians?

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